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Bob's Burgers Giving Out Free Fatburgers Today

First Ron Jeremy took over LA food truck The Flying Pig to shoot a porn movie (unbeknownst to the truck's owners) and now Fox is taking over Fatburger to promote its new animated series. Ok, there's really no correlation here (unless you think a fatburger is a euphemism), we just wanted to talk about porn first thing in the morning.

So back to Fatburger. Fox is premiering a new show, Bob's Burger, this Sunday and to help promote it, the network has transformed Fatburger locations in Chicago, Las Vegas, LA and New Jersey into a Bob's Burger. What's in it for you? Free burgers—today—but you have to head down to Beverly to get it.

The Chicago location, which is owned by Kanye West, will give out free "Thanks a Brunch Burger" (a medium Fatburger topped with bacon and egg) until supplies last. So head down to 2341 W. 95th Street for lunch today. You can also download a coupon for a free medium Fatburger with the purchase of a "Big Fat Deal" through Feb. 28.

Now we don't know what we're more excited about, the porn or the burger?
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2341 W. 95th Street, Chicago, IL