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Crumbs Cupcakes May Potentially Cause Rioting Tomorrow

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Now we're not one to tout food porn and we're somewhat over the whole Chicago cupcake invasion, but a package of snacky treats from Crumbs Bake Shop arrived at Eater Chicago HQ this morning and we have to say we're sold. While Crumbs opened in the Loop last week, its official grand opening celebration takes place tomorrow. As we mentioned yesterday in EaterWire, the NY-based cupcake joint will celebrate its grand opening by giving away 1,000 cupcakes to the public.

After tasting the cupcakes (you'll notice one is absent from the above photo) we encourage you to form a mob around 303 W. Madison starting at noon and do whatever it takes to get your hands on one of these bad boys. We're not advocating a riot, mind you, but if you have to throw some elbows, so be it.
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Crumbs Bake Shop

303 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL