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A New Year and New Dishes at Kith & Kin

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Kith & Kin
Kith & Kin
Photo: Kith & Kin

When David Carrier left Kith & Kin last September, people wondered whether chef de cuisine Andrew Brochu would stick around and move into the exec chef position. He did and he's since started adding his own touches to the Southern-influenced menu. To kick off the new year, Brochu just introduced a handful of new dishes and it looks like he's staying true to the restaurant's roots.

For now, Brochu has included a new salad, two new soups and a pasta dish, all of which have a lot going on. Look for these new dishes, and let us know your thoughts on them.

· Deviled egg salad with cured duck breast and frisee with a mustard-Apple cider dressing
· Grilled tomato soup with garlic brioche croutons and Tillamook cheddar
· Crawfish agnolotti, etouffe, Parmesan and oregano
· Celery root soup with kiwi, honey roasted cashews and a chicory gelee.
· Coming Soon: Seafood cassolet with lobster sausage, saffron white beans, cockles and seared grouper. And this dish, "is gonna be dope," Brochu said.

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Kith & Kin

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Kith & Kin

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