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Lucky's Sandwich Co. Opening Second Location

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Who says North Siders get all the good stuff? Lucky’s Sandwich Company, Wrigleyville’s overstuffed sandwich institution since 2004, will open a second location in University Village at the end of February.

The location will be almost twice the size of the original and will feature patio dining out front starting this summer. Lucky’s Sandwich Company owners, Mike Feczko, Jon Donnelly and Joe DeRosa plan to continue the famous contest created by a late night tipsy diner, that later gained them Man vs. Food acclaim.

The restaurant will feature a full bar and the same Wrigleyville menu; as for hours, they'll stay open from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. on weekdays, 3 a.m. on Saturday—just in case you crave a late-night challenge. After all, the new spot will start with an empty wall of fame. Ready to fill it up?
· Man v. Food: Chicago Lucky Sandwich Co. [YouTube]

Intrepid Eater Chicago reporter Samantha Lande contributed this article.

Lucky's Sandwich Co. [Photo: NFT]

Lucky's Sandwich Co.

717 West Maxwell Street, Chicago, IL