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Achatz, Schoettler Preview Two New Aviary Cocktails

Aviary's White Lady/Negroni combo
Aviary's White Lady/Negroni combo
Photo: YouTube

Last night, Grant Achatz posted a video showing some new cocktails he and Craig Schoettler previewed to a small group earlier this week that they'll likely have at Aviary when it opens, hopefully in late February.

In the video, Schoettler, who will run things over at the Fulton Market spot, discusses two different drinks. First, he has the "two in one," which is a White Lady (gin, lemon and egg white) served with a bottle of carbonated Negroni. He explains that you can either drink them separately or pour the Negroni over the White Lady and they'll "do something kind of cool."

The second cocktail is a Moscow Mule. The glass is filled with ginger ice; there's also a Sidecar with Shiso vodka. The Sidecar is poured over the ice and then, with a lemongrass swizzle stick, you swizzle your own cocktail. So basically, they're taking having fun drinking to a whole new level.

Watch the video:

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