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The Sexiest Men in the Food Industry?

Now we've seen some ridiculous lists, but SlashFood may take the cake for their latest: the 10 Hottest Men in the Food Industry. Granted, they did put out a list of 30 to their readers and it was then narrowed to the top 10. Truth be told, hotness and sexiness is subjective, but could they have been more narrow in their choices? Ok, fine, yes the people have to be well known, but why not maybe include some guys who aren't all over the place on TV?

Last year's list at least had some people who weren't in the mega-celeb chef category, like Sam Talbot and the Voltaggio brothers. This year is a different story. We'll give you Tyler Florence, Curtis Stone and Rocco DiSpirito. Tom Colicchio definitely has something smoky about him. But Gordon Ramsay and his alleged new hairplugs? Anthony Bourdain? Sexy? Come on. But the most ridiculous, or possibly the best, guy, who isn't even real, came in at No. 1 and that is ... Ruth Bourdain, a snarky fictional mashup of Bourdain and Ruth Reichl. So maybe at the end of the day this isn't really about who is the hottest and even if it is, do you agree?
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