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Fritz Pastry Planning Vegetarian Valentine's Pop-Up Dinner

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You love the doughnuts, tarts, macarons and everything else chef Nate Meads does at Fritz Pastry, so it should come as no surprise to you that you'll likely also love what he's doing for Valentine's Day.

Meads, along with his wife, Elaine Heany, and their partner, Jared Nance, will host a pop-up dinner on-site in their Lincoln Park pastry shop on Sunday, Feb. 13. The seven-course dinner will be unlike any other in the city: the first two courses will comprise a savory dinner; the rest? All sweet desserts.

While the menu for the night is still a work in progress, it will be vegetarian, BYO and the final dessert will be bite-sized mignardises and then a final final gift, possibly madeleines, will be wrapped up to be enjoyed the following day, according to Heany. Meads tells us they're only serving between 20 and 30 people because of their small storefront, so book your reservation online for the $40 dinner now.

The dinner is cash only, but due to the unique nature of the pop-up event, all guests will be called 24 hours prior to the dinner to reserve a spot with a credit card. Fritz asks that any cancellations be made within 48 hours.
· Chef Nate Meads' Pop-up Valentine's Restaurant [Facebook]

Fritz Pastry [Photo: TwoBitMe/Flickr]

Fritz Pastry

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