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Is Sweets & Savories Closed for Business?

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First restaurateur David Richards had to close Mado after losing two sets of chefs and reportedly having money issues. Staffers claimed Richards was focusing his attention on his new suburban venture, Bluette, and neglecting his Chicago restaurants. And now it appears he may have closed his other city location, Sweets & Savories.

We got a tip last night that Lincoln Park's Sweets & Savories shuttered. The website is down, Open Table says the restaurant is "offline temporarily," and while calls to the restaurant earlier today went to a Sweets & Savories recording, it now goes to an robo-sounding auto message. A call to Bluette, which is supposed to be open for lunch on Wednesdays, keeps going to voicemail. We'll bring you more news as we get it. If you have any information, send it along.
· Brandon Baltzley and Team Leaving Mado Over Money Issues

Sweets & Savories [Photo: OpenTable]

UPDATE: We just heard from a food vendor that chef Eric Aubriot, who joined S&S late last fall, called him the other day to say he had left because he wasn't getting paid. And this vendor, who asked not to be named, said Richards owes him money from S&S and Mado. So there you have it.

Sweets & Savories

1534 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL