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D.C.'s Hush Supper Club Heading to Chicago

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Hush Supper Club, Washington, D.C.'s popular, underground Indian dining experience, is making its way back to where its roots formed: Chicago. Geeta, Hush's founder, was born and raised in Chicago and her dinners honor her mother's cooking, which is steeped in Jainism, an ancient Indian religion where vegetarianism rules.

Geeta recently announced she's bringing Hush to Chicago and her mother will join her in the kitchen; she's currently looking for host homes to hold the supper club. Hush usually welcomes 12-20 guests so Geeta needs homes that can accommodate that number and also be able to provide enough seats, plates, forks, napkins and wine glasses for everyone. She has an eight-person table she can bring, in addition to all the food for a five-course Indian meal, a professional server, a dishwasher and serving platters.

If you can and want to host, email Geeta directly. You'll be rewarded with a home filled with great smells, interesting people and wonderful stories, which is part of every Hush affair.
· Hush Supper Club [website]