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West Loop Starbucks Shuttered for No Hot Water

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You just never know who's going to walk in to get a coffee. Mayor Daley's Dumpster Task Force shut down a Starbucks in the West Loop today after finding the store was operating without any hot running water. The lack of hot water contributed to poor hygienic practices. Furthermore, the store was being run without a certified food manager on site, which is a serious violation, according to the Task Force.

Employees, who hadn't alerted their supervisors that the shop had no hot water, were unable to remedy the problem while Task Force officials were at the Starbucks. The shop is closed until further notice. “When employees at a food handling establishment don’t have access to hot running water to wash their hands they can’t keep things safe and clean,” noted Josie Cruz, Deputy Commissioner of Streets & Sanitations Bureau of Rodent Control. “When that happens every patron is put at risk.”


1001 W. Madison Ave., Chicago, IL