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Psychedelic Parking Structure; Kenwood Mansions; More!

Photo credit: Karla Dawn Meier / Medill

And now the latest from Curbed Chicago, covering everything you want to know about the city's neighborhoods.

WEST ROGERS PARK: "It's like having a spaceship land in your backyard," says one neighborhood resident. "It's so poorly designed as to be almost non-functional," says another. Whatever it is, the $16-million parking structure at Devon and Rockwell is almost finished.

KENWOOD: The South Side neighborhood is home to some of the grandest residences in Chicago, and several have hit the market in recent weeks. Curbed took a look at the top 5 priciest mansions in Kenwood, which really aren't that pricey for what they are.

UNIVERSITY VILLAGE: The old Engine Co. 18 fire station on Roosevelt Road will be getting new life as a community art center. Plans for the Fire Work Community Art Studio call for preserving the masonry exterior and adding solar panels and a green roof.

GOLD COAST: The Chicago Spire is kaput, and would-be developer Garrett Kelleher is selling off his Gold Coast mansion. Kelleher dropped $8.5 million on the place in 2006, and he's asking $16 million for it, making it the most expensive home on the market in Chicago.