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Homaro Cantu Reveals Even More About ING

It looks like the layers of the onion that is the forthcoming Homaro Cantu restaurant ING are being pulled back. Cantu, who shuttered his Fulton Market spot Otom to make way for ING says the name is an acronym for "imagining new gastronomy" and that while things will be offered a la carte, it won't be a traditional menu.

People used to shelling out coin for Cantu's menu at Moto will be happy to know that nothing will be more than $20 (another 2011 trend?) and beer lovers will geek out on Cantu's nanobrewing program, where he and head brewer Trevor Hamblin (along with three other brewers) will develop, on average, a new beer every three days.

The restaurant, which Cantu hopes to open March 1, will see Moto chef Thomas Bowman move over to run the kitchen at ING. And there will be a table dedicated to miracle berries, which trick your mouth into thinking sweet foods are savory and vice versa.

So when ING opens, the block will house some of the city's hottest restaurants, including the Publican, Moto and Grant Achatz's new ventures Next and Aviary. Think parking is bad now?
· What is This ING Thing? Homaro Cantu Explains [Sun-Times]

Homaro Cantu [Photo: Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times]

The Aviary

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