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Floriole Re-Opening Tomorrow With New Menu Items

Floriole Bakery
Floriole Bakery
Photo: HannaMariePhotography/Flickr

Floriole Bakery closed down for a much-needed two-week vacation, but when it re-opens tomorrow morning, loyalists will find a few new items on the menu. Following a week-long beach vacation with her family to recharge her batteries, owner Sandra Holl had the opportunity to brainstorm and come up with some new tasty treats.

All of their sandwiches will now be made to order and the brisket sandwich, which has been a special in the past, will permanently be on the menu. Holl said she's also working on a pan bagnant, which combines anchovy spread with olives or olive tapenade, hard boiled eggs, roasted tomato and cucumber on a baguette and wrapped up tightly to sit overnight so all the flavors mingle and blend together.

Floriole will also feature a new singular pastry each month, starting with a galette des rois (king's cake). This puff pastry filled with almond cream is traditionally served throughout France in January and usually contains a hidden surprise. Expect the same at Floriole, but instead of the regular porcelain Jesus toy, Holl said they'll likely just put in a whole almond. February will see the addition of a chocolate chestnut cake while chestnuts are in season. And when the Tour de France kicks off, Holl will add a Paris Brest. "We're trying to bring in new pastries each month that are interesting and fun," she said.

So now that you've forgotten about your resolution to eat less, you don't have to feel guilty for popping into Floriole for a treat or two.


1220 W. Webster Ave., Chicago, IL