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Juicy Quietly Morphs Into 694 Wine & Spirits

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First it was Juicy Wine Co. Then it was simply Juicy. Now it's 694 Wine & Spirits, and it now officially belongs to two former employees. On Jan. 1, Chip Dudley and Chris Dunstatter took possession of the River West business—at 694 N. Milwaukee—from former owner, Rodney Alex, who wanted to retain the Juicy domain name and moniker, hence the name change.

Customers won't notice many differences at first, but Dudley and Dunstatter have expanded the beer and liquor offerings and will continue to swap out cheese, meat and panninis, based on whatever they like at the moment, Dudley said. Future additions will include a peanut butter and jelly flight, featuring three kinds of nut butters and unique toppings. And in the summer, guests may enjoy a full outdoor grass patio, but that's still in the works.

694 Wine & Spirits

694 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL