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Chicago Food Snob Up for Pei Wei Blogging Gig in Asia

What does it take to win an 18-day all-expenses-paid working trip to Asia and a $10k purse? Some good writing skills and a serious love for food. Pei Wei is holding a contest to hire a blogger to join corporate chefs Eric Justice and Mark Miller on an amazing-sounding excursion to Asia and Chicago Food Snob blogger Joe Campagna made it into the top 5.

The trip would see the team hitting eight cities across five countries (Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam) and the blogger chosen will post daily about their food experiences, which could include some pretty funky stuff.

While the ultimate decision comes down to the folks at Pei Wei, you can support Campagna by viewing his contest entry page and video that just went up online. Leave comments on Pei Wei's Facebook page if you think Joe's the guy. In addition to his contest entry, check out his 2011 predictions for a good laugh.
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