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Aviary's Aged Cocktails are Like "Adult Candy"

Once again, the mad scientists chefs for Grant Achatz's forthcoming Aviary have taken things to the next level by aging various cocktails in oak barrels in July. Whether it's a martini in a Templeton Rye barrel, Eldorado 151 in a Strictly Maple barrel, a negroni and even maple syrup, these guys clearly are getting excited about making drinks.

In this video, chefs Craig Schoettler and Josh Habiger taste test the aging spirits and show, by capturing the alcohol at various stages of aging, the difference in color of the same cocktail with some age on it. Habiger calls the negroni "adult candy ... in a very good way," and Schoettler talks about wanting to do a cocktail flight, offering the barrel-aged martini, a martini made from the same batch but unaged and a fresh martini made that day.

Even though they're pretty relaxed in their excitement, these drinks will likely cause a frenzy. We feel like we should start camping out in front of Aviary now so we can get a first crack and these tasty libations.

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