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Graham Elliot Kicks Off A.V. Club's "Me As Mayor" Series

In what will no doubt uncover some interesting answers, the A.V. Club today launched its 15-part "Me As Mayor" series with Graham Elliot. The series, which asks Chicago notables how they'd change the city if they were mayor, will run over five weeks.

Graham Elliot, who already serves somewhat as an ambassador of Chicago through his judging on MasterChef and as the culinary director for Lollapalooza, revealed his platform if he were to fill the seat being vacated by Richard M. Daley after more than two decades.

While the list is pretty extensive, some of GE's objectives stand out more than others:

  • Allow vendor carts/food trucks downtown
  • Hire unemployed Chicagoans on a per-project basis
  • Legalize and tax marijuana
  • Legalize gay marriage to make Chicago and GLBT-friendly city
  • Introduce merit-based pay for teachers
  • Have all taxis be green or hybrid by 2020
  • Create bus and train "hub-and-spoke system" where buses would shuttle pedestrians to trains
  • Eliminate horse-and-carriage rides downtown to ease congestion.

To view his full platform, click on the thumbnail pic of his face on the A.V. Club's site.

We're looking forward to seeing who else pops up on the A.V. Club's list. No doubt it'll be some music industry and restaurant folks. Who would you like to see lead Chicago?

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