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Robbery Warning Issued for Uptown Restaurants

Following a series of late-night break-ins, a community warning has been issued to businesses and restaurants in Uptown. A number of restaurants, including Chava Cafe, Tank Noodle, Pho 777 and Hai Yen, have been broken into. The warning says the "unknown subject gains entry through the front door, causes damage to the cash register and escapes with the proceeds" sometimes breaking windows to get inside.

The burglaries have taken place along the 5000 block of Sheridan, 1000-1200 blocks of Argyle and 4800-5600 blocks of Broadway. In other words, throughout much of east Uptown. The Chicago Police burglary/robbery/theft division asks anyone with information to call 312-744-8263.

Community Alert: Restaurant Robberies [Uptown Update]

[Photo: Flickr]

Tank Noodle

4953-55 North Broadway, , IL 60640 (773) 878-2253 Visit Website


Sheridan Avenue and Argyle Street, Chicago, IL