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Graham Elliot on the Democratization of Fine Dining

Many chefs and restaurants use social media, but few know how to use it well. Lettuce Entertain You's Wow Bao uses Twitter particularly well, having created an online presence with its BaoMouth mascot to interact with customers posting comments, both good and bad. And when Grant Achatz tweets something, anything, the food media jump all over it.

Even Graham Elliot uses it to rant, sometimes lashing out on a subject that raises his ire. He recently talked about how Twitter helps the "democratization of fine dining" and how he responds to all complaints sent his way via the social media tool. He may "publicly humiliate" someone, but says he'll message someone directly if the complaint is serious or valid enough. We find that last bit interesting since he doesn't follow anyone back; how can the person reply? In any case, he says that people's ability to see what everyone else is talking about is "great to have this wall torn down." Just like Pink Floyd said, tear it down.

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Graham Elliot

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Graham Elliot

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