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Update: Sprout Patio Expansion

[Photo: courtesy of Sprout]

Now that winter is around the corner (and for those of you who say you prefer the cold over summer heat, to that we call crazy), it makes sense that Sprout would enclose its patio. Despite it being a beautiful space, the noise and dirt from Fullerton Avenue left a bad taste for diners, and there's only a so much time during the year a restaurant can use a patio in Chicago.

Sprout is currently in the process of enclosing the space to also accommodate their increased business. The new room will add 30 new seats and will still have an outdoor feeling due to four skylights and three French doors on the north wall that can open in warmer weather. Plus, large windows above the doors will allow sun to stream into the room. The same reddish, brown stone that comprised the short wall around the patio will be used to build the exterior walls of the new room, adding warmth and a bit of natural feeling.

Sprout hopes to debut the new room toward the end of October and is planning a party on Nov. 13 to celebrate its one-year anniversary. Chef Dale Levitski is introducing a new fall menu now and is working on adding Sunday brunch likely in December.

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1417 West Fullerton Avenue Chicago, IL