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Sprout's Patio Heading Indoors

Ah Sprout, the name conjures up images of sprawling gardens blooming with fresh, green vegetables, bountiful fruit and pastures of plenty. But in the case of Sprout's outdoor space, it was more like loud, busy street, homeless people and bus fumes. So while people have given high marks to Chef Dale Levitski's food, the patio? Not so much. Work to begin enclosing the space and expanding the restaurant began on Sunday and Sprout posted some pictures to its Facebook page. The images are simple renderings not showing much other than happy Lincoln Parkers walking about and calls to Levitski and the restaurant were unsuccessful, but we didn't want to deprive you the chance to look at these lovely computer drawings.

[Facebook via Grub Street]


1417 W Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 773 348 0706 Visit Website


1417 West Fullerton Avenue Chicago, IL