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Hell's Kitchen Season 8 Has Strong Chicago Showing

Going to Hell [Photo: Fox]

The new season of "Hell's Kitchen" starts Wednesday night and four chefs from Chicago will take the heat from prove their culinary muster for chef Gordon Ramsay. The high-stress show features two teams, a women's and a men's, competing for the head chef position at LA Market at the JW Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles. The Chicago chefs lining up to get screamed at by hothead Ramsay are Trev McGrath (linecook/bartender for the Compass Group), Emily Kutchins (executive chef for Senior Home) Russell Kook (sous chef at Cibo Matto) and Antonia Boregman (line cook in Lake Station, Ind).

This week's two-hour premiere will have a sushi tutorial by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto; the chef's must then impress with their ability to roll some raw fish. Throughout the season, the chefs will serve breakfast to EMTs, prepare a black-tie dinner for the show's 100th episode and catering a high school prom while vying for prizes like a helicopter ride and trapeze lessons.

The Wit Hotel will host a viewing party in their state-of-the-art movie room, aptly titled Screen. For $30, you can settle into one of the cushy leather seats to watch the premiere and eat a meal representing the dish Kook makes on the show. Make reservations by calling (312) 239-9502. Or stay home and try to re-create the food yourself. Have your significant other yell at you to add a layer of Ramsay-esque terror.

Wit Hotel

201 N. State St., Chicago, IL