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R.I.P. Urban Burger Bar. Long Live Burger Bar

After being open only a short while, chef/owner John McLean's Urban Burger Bar bites the dust. But before you get your meat in a grinder, don't worry. It's just the name that's going away. Due to some trademark issues, McLean had to drop "urban" from the name so now the restaurant will be the less-edgy Burger Bar with not as much street cred, but will still have plenty of flavor in its dozen or so juicy, stacked burgers, thick shakes and great selection of local brews. So if you're wondering what happened to Urban Burger Bar, it's still there just a little different.

Burger Bar Chicago

1150 South Michigan Avenue, , IL 60605 (312) 988-0162 Visit Website

Burger Bar

1578 N. Clybourn Ave., Chicago, IL