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Chicago Mag's Jeff Ruby Pens Rap For Mag's Anniversary

Ok, so he may not be the next Snoop or even Vanilla Ice, but Chicago magazine food critic Jeff Ruby wrote a pretty funny rap, titled "40," to honor the magazine's 40th anniversary. Since he needs to remain incognito to freely dine around town, he gave the lyrics to two University of Chicago Lab seniors who took it and created this video.

Throughout the two-minute parody, which is set to a 1987 sample from gangsta rap godfather Schoolly D, Ruby name checks everyone from Tina Fey and Rachael Ray to Elvis and U2, since they wrote the original "40." Our favorite line: "Uma Thurman is 40/ so's the dude from Weezer/ It's the number of times that the homies stabbed Caesar." Like we said, it's not a masterpiece, but a fun little interruption for your day. Maybe this is where he gets the moniker Dropkick Jeffy.