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Stump Giuseppe Tentori and Win Dinner at Boka

Boka executive chef Giuseppe Tentori just announced a contest on Twitter called Stump the Chef and the rules are simple:

#1) Give him one ingredient you think he won't be able to source.
#2) After compiling the submissions, Tentori will ask his Twitter followers to choose the best ingredient to source. The one with the most votes wins.
#3) If, within three days, Tentori can't source the ingredient, the person who submitted it gets a six-course tasting menu prepared for them by Tentori at Boka.

The ingredient has to be something Tentori can source currently, so nothing so out of season that it'd be impossible. This sounds like this is becoming a trend. The Reader launched its first episode in their new video series, Key Ingredient, last week. That series features a chef (in the first video, it was Grant Achatz), challenged to prepare a dish with an obscure ingredient. This week's episode will feature Curtis Duffy preparing something with Chinese black beans, which were selected by Achatz. And next week, Duffy said inovasi chef John des Rosiers will have to create something using geranium.

How do we make stumping the chef into a holiday drinking game? Now that's a contest!

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Giuseppe Tentori: Can you stump him? [Photo: dawidklimek/flickr]


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