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Silom12 Thai Restaurant Opening in Old Cafe Matou Space

It didn't take long for someone to snatch the former Cafe Matou space on Milwaukee Avenue near Irazu and Red & White Wines. Thai restaurant Silom12, named for Silom Street in Bangkok—often referred to as the Wall Street of Thailand—is scheduled to open Jan. 11 and will be open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. It'll serve "traditional Thai cuisine fused with contemporary style of asian cuisine" based on the Thai cooking principle of balancing the five tastes: sweet, hot, sour, salty and spicy.

The gallery of dishes on the website looks pretty tasty and it'll be nice to see Bucktown getting a place that might rival Lakeview's TAC Quick in authenticity. We do think their description of the neighborhood as "the city’s newest exciting venue for concerts and other outdoor cultural events," is pretty funny since that describes Bucktown circa 1995.


1865 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647 Visit Website

Silom12 Thai

1846 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL