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Win Dinner for 4 at Alinea from Share Our Strength

Now here's a contest that's just way too easy that if everyone doesn't do it, well, you're just lazy. Share Our Strength, the national organization that fights to eliminate child hunger, partnered with blog Alinea at Home to help raise money to make sure no kids go hungry.

Last year, Alinea at Home raised more than $10,000 for Share Our Strength. This year, blogger Carol Blymire wants your help to raise more. In the last four years since she started campaigning for Share Our Strength, the number of hungry children in America jumped from 12 million to an astounding 17 million. And that's just not right. We talk about food on Eater everyday and many of you splurge often at Chicago's top restaurants. If you deferred even $25 to donate toward this cause, it would mean a lot. And you may even walk away with a cool prize.

Everyone who donates even the minimum $5 is entered to win one of a slew of awesome gifts, including cookbooks and iTunes gift cards. People who donate $25 or more can win even cooler coffee table books or coffee from Southern Skies Coffee Roasters. And if you give $50 or more, you're entered to win Eric Ripert's cookbook, Avec Eric; Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything; a $50 gift card to Jeni's ice cream; and BLiS bourbon barreled-aged maple syrup.

And the mack daddy of all ... everyone who donates, regardless of what level, is entered to win dinner for four at Alinea donated by Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas.

The deadline is Jan. 16, but Blymire is giving away some of the smaller prizes earlier, so as they say in Chicago politics, vote early and often. Or in this case, donate early and often. It's for the kids, yo. Donate here.


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