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Wildfire Wishes Merry Xmas on Facebook; Causes Uproar

Well, the weather outside may not be that frightful at the moment, but check in on Facebook and it's getting downright nasty. Yesterday afternoon, Wildfire Restaurant innocently posted a cheerful note on its wall wishing its Facebook fans a "very merry Christmas." Instead of recognizing that Christmas was three days away, people went into attack mode, saying things like "Hey! I am Muslim" and "I'm Jewish! U should say Happy Holidays!" And it just got worse from there.

This turned into a shit storm with people yelling at each other, arguing why it's OK to say Merry Christmas while others said it's a ridiculous holiday only to sell stuff and so on. It clearly set off a nerve that Wildfire posted another note earlier today saying, "Happy Holidays to you! Our apologies to anyone who was offended by the Christmas sentiments." Then this sent people into another tizzy saying they shouldn't have to apologize and then people got nasty all over again.

Well, whatever holiday you celebrate, Saturday is Christmas so Eater Chicago is taking some time off, but just until Monday. So to that we say, Merry Christmas to all ... and to all a good night!

[Photo: Christmas and Holiday Decor]