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Drink Deck Chicago Releases iPhone App with Great Deals

Photo: Bluebird

What a la card is to Chicago restaurants, Drink Deck is to local watering holes. Each deck contains 52 well-designed cards each offering a $10 discount on your tab at a variety of curated and well-researched locations. Even better, Drink Deck just released an iPhone app.

Now instead of forgetting to bring the card with you when you're out—or if you spontaneously stop in to one of the locations—you can always have Drink Deck with you. The app, which costs $19.99 on iTunes and offers $520 worth of discounts, includes places like Volo, Small Bar, Revolution Brewing, Pops, Sheffield's, Old Oak Tap, Bluebird, Branch 27 and a number of other spots that also offer great food. The only hook is you have to spend at least $30 to get the discount, but we know that shouldn't be too difficult.