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Tom Colicchio Calls Paul Kahan His Favorite Chef in U.S.

Over the weekend, Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio sat down with The Feast editor (and Eater co-founder) Ben Leventhal for a first-ever new Feast Talks at the new Lacoste store in New York's Gensevoort Park Hotel. During the chat, the pair discussed the new season of Top Chef All-Stars, Anthony Bourdain, Amy Sedaris, burgers and why pizza is like sex. But what caught our attention above all else was Colicchio's admitted love for Paul Kahan.

No, not in any salacious manner, but Colicchio said that Kahan, who is the executive chef/owner of Blackbird, avec, Publican and Big Star, is probably his favorite chef in the country right now. Colicchio also praised Chicago's dining scene as being one of the best, behind New York (fightin' words, we say).

"One thing that Chicago has done better ... the diners have embraced the avant-garde movement," Colicchio said. "I think they're more accepting of that. There's so much going on in Chicago. Although, I'd hate to spend a winter there." Gotta be a little tougher for that.
· Tom Colicchio: "Pizza is Like Sex" at Feast Talks [Poison Ivy]

Tom Colicchio at the Lacoste Store [Photo: Poison Ivy]