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New GT Fish & Oyster Video Reveals Some Interior Plans

Mock-up drawings of GT Fish & Oyster
Mock-up drawings of GT Fish & Oyster
Photo: GT Fish & Oyster

A new post on the GT Fish & Oyster blog shows Boka Restaurant Group co-owners Kevin Boehm and Rob Katz, along with executive chef Giuseppe Tentori discussing design plans with Karen Herold, senior VP of design for 555, which is doing the build-out of the forthcoming River North restaurant.

With blueprints and pictures laid out, Herold recommends solid walls where originally the team wanted glass and talks about some interesting-sounding design elements, including having a giant shark's open jaw bone just inside the entrance, designing a custom GT Fish & Oyster surfboard and installing a wine-bucket shaped drink cooler. The space will have two large communal tables, one reserved for large parties, the other for its intended purpose of shared seating. One idea that Boehm said is still a work in progress is a non-permanent chalkboard wall, where the visual concept may change monthly by a different artist. We'll see how that works out. Meanwhile, go watch the video.

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GT Fish & Oyster

531 N. Wells St., Chicago, IL