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Need Good Buzz? Dolinsky Has Your Hookup

With a Starbucks every which way you look, a caffeine buzz is never too far out of reach. But when you want a boost that comes with robust flavor, finding the right beans is key. And where people want to source their food products more locally, finding coffee shops with on-site roasters help bring your coffee kick that much closer to home. To help you zero in on where to go, Steve Dolinsky identifies his top 5 java joints that roast their own coffee.

We love Intelligentsia and Metropolis and these days you can get their beans at cafes around the city. But what if you want to go even more indie than that? Dolinsky pegs Asado on Irving Park in Lakeview just up the road from Wrigley Field as the No. 1 spot. Asado sources high-quality beans from around the world and roast them in small batches daily.

The Hungry Hound has found four additional artisan roasters throughout the city and even snagged one in Evanston. So if you're looking for a solid cup o' joe, pop in to one of these joints:

· Asado (Lakeview)
· Beverly Baker & Coffee Roasters (Beverly)
· Casteel Coffee (Evanston)
· Ipsento (Bucktown)
· Star Lounge Coffee Bar (Ukrainian Village/Humboldt Park)

Star Lounge Coffee Bar [Photo: Chicago Art Magazine]

Star Lounge Coffee Bar

2521 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL