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Chicago's Russell Kook Takes 2nd Place in "Hell's Kitchen"

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In a disappointing finish, at least for Chicagoans, Florentine sous chef Russell Kook took second place in the Hell's Kitchen finale last night. The winner, Nona Sivley, will now take a job running LA Market in the JW Marriott hotel at L.A. LIVE.

Each chef was tasked with preparing a five-course meal for a number of industry VIPs and were given the support of a team they handpicked. That team, Kook noted, would lead to his downfall. "I picked the team that I wanted and I thought they would help me win, but they helped me lose," he told the New York Daily News.

"I'm disappointed in the result, but am happy for Nona; she's a good person," Kook told Eater this morning. While upset, Kook thanked his friends and family for the support throughout the season, calling out Florentine's exec chef Todd Stein and Mark Newman and girlfriend Abbey Cochran. Kook put in a good fight, but ultimately the cards didn't fall in his favor.

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UPDATE: One thing we were remiss in discussing was Kook's lack of graciousness upon losing. While we mentioned he blamed the team who he picked to support him, we neglected to mention he felt like they sabotaged him. "You will never get a job in a city I work. I'm gonna definitely blackball you guys, because you guys fucked me so royally tonight." Wanna see it for yourself? Eater National has the video clip.

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