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Laurent Gras Launches Personal Blog, Gets Haircut

Wonder what Laurent Gras has been up to since departing L20 and moving back to New York just after being awarded three Michelin stars? Well for one thing, he's casually just hanging out in New York, spending time in his neighborhood, Chelsea. Another thing? He's blogging about it.

Gras launched the blog last month with a first post that simply was a shot of him, wife Jennifer Leuzzi and Michelin Guide director Jean-Luc Naret at the party for the launch of the Chicago Michelin Guide. Since then, he's talked about a friend who helped him fix his bike, getting his haircut from his "ginza master hairdresser" and preparing a first course of lobster and striped bass ceviche for a dinner party.

Apparently even while at home cooking with friends he still feels the pressure of preparing food as if he were in the kitchen at L20. What's next? We'll have to watch but we're hoping he'll hint at what he'll be doing for his next project.
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