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Stephanie Izard Reveals Girl & The Goat's Top 5 Moments So Far; Unveils "Underground Goat"

While recovering from a fall that kept her out of the Girl & The Goat kitchen for a couple of days, chef/owner Stephanie Izard took to her blog to recount the top 5 moments during the restaurant's first five months.

In addition to a fire started from smoking goats MacGyver style to having their sewage back up in the basement to not having a solid food-delivery system in place on opening night, the restaurant has seen its share of shenanigans. But there are two events that top the list, from our point of view.

One night when country singer Zac Brown hit Chicago for a concert, he and his band popped into the Goat for a late-night dinner, which turned into an on-the-bus singalong with the Grammy winner into the wee hours. At 5 a.m., a drunk Izard retreated to the office in the lower level of the restaurant to sleep. In her desk chair. A few hours later, slightly refreshed, she put her apron back on and proceeded to get back to work.

But a story we love involves a birthday and a surprise stripper guest. During a post-work celebration for former sous chef Dave Gollan, now executive chef at Redd-Herring in Clarendon Hills, Izard hired a would-be beautiful female stripper. It wasn't until Gollan was getting a lap dance that he realized the stripper was actually not a real woman, who then did a cartwheel through the kitchen. Ah, those crazy chefs.

In other Goat news, Izard has unveiled a private dining space in a secret wine room that she's calling the Underground Goat. Guests who book the room will enjoy a specially designed menu and plenty of wine and beer. Call 312-492-6262 to book it.
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Izard in the Underground Goat [Photo: Twitter]

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