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Time Captures Grant Achatz's Culinary Creations in Images

Achatz's Pigeonneau à la St.–Clair
Achatz's Pigeonneau à la St.–Clair
Photo: Martha Camarillo/Time

A few weeks ago, Time magazine reporter Joel Stein visited Grant Achatz in Chicago for a story about Alinea and the chef's two upcoming projects, Next and Aviary. The issue hits stand this week, but a slideshow showing some of Achatz's creative culinary creations is live on the web. While we'd love to see more, these images explain why Achatz has won global acclaim and recently earned three Michelin stars for Alinea.

The seven-image slideshow has a sneak peek of what we might see on the opening menu at Next, a "cocktail" that could appear at Aviary and some dishes currently being showcased at Alinea. All in all, it's pretty impressive work, but what else would you expect from a three-star chef? Visit the photo gallery.

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