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Times Talks, Chicago Live Fuel the Michelin Buzz

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Rick Bayless, Art Smith & Charlie Trotter
Rick Bayless, Art Smith & Charlie Trotter
Photo: NYT

Whether you are eagerly awaiting the big Michelin Chicago Guide reveal next week or you're totally over the hype, there's no doubt the release of the highly regarded book has gotten everyone's panties in a bunch, including ours. The star ratings come out next week and a couple of non-official events featuring some of Chicago's best chefs helping celebrate the release have definitely piqued our interest.

On Nov. 18, Chicago Live! brings together Stephanie Izard, Graham Elliot and Paul Kahan for a live panel discussion at the Chicago Theater with Chicago Tribune writer Kevin Pang. The $25 hour-long live radio show (it's taped live then aired the following night on WGN) will gather the chefs, along with outgoing Michelin Guide director Jean-Luc Naret, for what will no doubt be a hilarious, smack-talking session about all things food and Chicago.

The following night, former New York Times food critic Frank Bruni hosts Times Talks, an hour-and-a-half live chat session with some of our country's biggest celebrity chefs: Rick Bayless, Art Smith and Charlier Trotter. Joining them will be Food Network South Beach and New York City Wine & Food Festivals creator Lee Brian Schrager. The event, taking place at the Chicago Cultural Center, costs $25 and will likely be a little more serious and high-brow than the Chicago Live gathering. Either way, if you're a foodie and a star chef-follower, both nights are up your alley.

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