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Merz Apothecary's Downtown Spot Open; Carrying Licorice & Ginger Candies

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Merz Apothecary, Chicago's 135-year-old natural health and beauty healer, has officially opened Merz Downtown, a boutique spot in the Palmer House Hotel. While you may wonder what health and beauty has to do with food, Merz carries a fairly extensive selection of unique licorice and ginger candies, which have natural medicinal properties.

Candies from Indonesia, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands contain features that help combat congestion in the lungs, viral infections, athlete's foot (licorice); and nausea, digestive issues (ginger) and more. To celebrate the opening and the longevity of the store, Mayor Daley has declared Nov. 11 Merz Apothecary Day in the city.

· Merz Apothecary [website]

Merz Downtown

17 E. Monroe, Chicago, IL