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Dolinsky Dips Toes in French Fry Territory; Misses a Few

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For this week's top 5 list, Steve Dolinsky tackled the highly arguable subject of french fries and even expanded his test zone to the suburbs to pull in a few spots, like Skokie's Poochie's, that may have gotten otherwise overlooked.

Fries are a very subjective food. Some people like them uber-crispy, while others dig 'em softer, which we can't really understand—there's nothing like a good crisp fry. Dolinsky hits the mark on a few spots, like Hot Doug's, where on Friday and Saturday he cooks them in duck fat; and Evanston's Edzo's. We've never had Parky's or Top Notch Beefburger so we can't argue one way or the other, but three spots where we could eat fries all day were left off the list.

Now we're not sure if Dolinsky went straight-up hot-dog-stand fries, but there are a couple of restaurants where the fries blow us away, like Nightwood (so light and fluffy yet still crisp) and the Publican, where they will top them with a fried egg. A no brainer if you ask us.

But possibly some of the best French fries we've had in the city reside at Huey's Hot Dogs in Andersonville. They might be making them with crack for all we know, because those are some seriously addictive little potatoes. If you haven't made your way to the Far North Side neighborhood, we say go now. Really, stop what you're doing and go. right. now.
· Top 5 French Fries in Chicago(land) [WBEZ]

Crispy French fries [Photo: WBEZ]

Hot Doug's

3324 North California Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618 Visit Website

Huey's Hot Dogs

1507 W. Balmoral Ave., Chicago, IL