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A Look at Grant Achatz's Biography Life, On The Line: Cars, Keller and Cancer

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We got our hands on a preview copy on Grant Achatz's upcoming biography, Life, on the Line (preorder on Amazon), co-written with his business partner Nick Kokonas.

The book follows the Chicago chef from cracking eggs at his grandmother's diner in Marine City, Mich., through his training at Thomas Keller's The French Laundry. Achatz discusses the opening of Alinea, details his diagnosis and subsequent battle with tongue cancer, and finally ends with the announcement of his as-yet-unopened restaurant, Next. Below, collected snippets to tide you over until the book comes out on March 3 (pre-order on Amazon).

· Grant Achatz was a total gearhead growing up; he built a 1970 Pontiac GTO with his father for his 16th birthday; he also received his dad's Corvette upon graduating from the Culinary Institute of America.

· Achatz didn't have the best time working under Charlie Trotter; in fact, when he quit, Trotter told him that since he had worked there for less than a year, Achatz shouldn't bother using him as a reference, or even put it on his resume.

Eater National has even more. Pop over and get a preview of Life on the Line.


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