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Paul Kahan: Thinking About Michelin Makes Me Sick

Here's a great quote to start the day, hinting that at least one of the Blackbird group restaurants—Blackbird, avec, The Publican, Big Star—may earn at least one Michelin star.

I got an email yesterday that [Michelin] wanted my personal contact info for the morning of the 17th for a personal call from Jean-Luc, the head guy. Hopefully that's good. I am sick to my stomach and look forward to the announcement so that I can stop thinking about it a little each day. -- Blackbird restaurant group executive chef Paul Kahan on Soapbox

At this point no one knows what restaurants will get the mighty Michelin star approval, but we have a feeling there will be some good surprises. We'd love to see a few places get three stars, but we won't know until Nov. 17 when restaurants start getting the phone calls.


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