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More Cupcakes? Yup, Crumbs Set to Open in the Loop

Crumbs Cupcakes
Crumbs Cupcakes
Photo: Facebook

Another day, another tale of yet another cupcake bakery setting up shop in Chicago. Looks like we just can't get enough of those sweet, bite-sized treats -- either that or people really do think the Midwest is full of hearty folks with a killer sweet tooth. In any case, Crumbs Bake Shop is looking to open in the Loop.

This location will join the ranks of Crumbs' growing New York-based chain, which also has locations in New Jersey, Connecticut and L.A. We thought cupcakes were last year's trend and 2010 belonged to BBQ, but apparently the sweetness overloads wanted to continue their reign of terror cupcake love on Chicago. And yes, despite our cynicism, they do look mighty tasty.
· NYC's Crumbs Bake Shop Headed for Chicago [The Stew]

Crumb's Bake Shop

303 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL