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Vote Today, Get Free Food. It's That Simple.

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Today is the big day, the midterm elections. It's a tense race and a lot is at stake. Everyone, in our opinion, is obligated to vote. It's our right. If you don't, you can't complain. You know what else you can't do if you don't vote? You can't get free french fries.

If you vote, bring your "I Voted" sticker or the piece of paper that shows you voted to the Counter, show the server and get a free order of fries. If you voted absentee or voted early, don't fret. Just tell them you voted and you'll get a free order, too. Now this is where the honor system comes into play. Don't be a loser and simply tell them you voted when you didn't. We already have enough people in Chicago politics who game the system. We don't need you adding to the corruption as well.

In the mood for a little breakfast for dinner after you vote? If you're west of the city, pop by the Original Pancake House in Forest Park for 25 percent off your pancake order. What better motivation do you need than think, fluffy pancakes oozing with warm syrup? If you vote and can't make it today, Original Pancake will honor your discount tomorrow, too.
· Cast Your Vote; Get Discount Pancakes [The Stew]

Counter's Burger & Fries [Photo: Counter Burger]

The Counter

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The Counter

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