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GT Fish & Oyster Blog Launches to Chronicle Build Out

Want to watch the progress at the forthcoming GT Fish & Oyster? The Boka Restaurant Group, which is opening GT Fish, just launched a blog to chronicle the build out of the space, which according to the first picture, titled "Let there be light at GT," looks like it has a ways to go.

But more entertaining are the videos they're producing showcasing what sort of food chef Giuseppe Tentori may have on the menu and what cocktails mixologist Benjamin Schiller concocts.

In the first video, "Frozen Peaches," the guys talk about the origin of a new drink named for a dog, Peaches, who died. They also go deeper and brainstorm about the cocktail program. Schiller wants to create crystal-clear ice in different shapes and sizes and says they'll have a number of high-acid cocktails to go with the fish and seafood. In the video, he prepares two different versions of a genever sour, one with added bitters, the other with an egg white for a richer, creamier texture. Looking at the setup at the bar, Boka Group co-founder Kevin Boehm declares, "This will be the most ice-intensive restaurant we have, from a food perspective and a beverage perspective."

The second video shows Tentori in the process of creating a simple, flavorful hamachi crudo, enhanced with a bit of Thai chili spice, lime zest and salt. The result is a colorful plate, which Tentori then feeds to his co-workers, including Schiller. "That was so romantic when I fed you Ben," Tentori said. "That was so hot." Just like his Thai chili spice. Unfortunately, or more likely fortunately for Schiller, he then adds, "it's not gonna happen again."

Tune in to watch more about the future plans at GT Fish & Oyster.

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GT Fish & Oyster

531 N. Wells St., Chicago, IL