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Food & Wine Loves Jam's Malted Custard French Toast

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This has been a big day for Chicago restaurants and it just got bigger. Food & Wine released its "10 Best Restaurant Dishes of 2010" list and Jam's malted custard French toast got a nod.

If you've never tasted chef Jeffrey Mauro's incredible breakfast treat, get in line at the Ukrainian Village restaurant now. We would describe it but F&W restaurant editor Kate Krader nails it, so we'll just let her tell you.

"He dips thick brioche slices in a vanilla-and-malt-spiked custard (inspired by Ben & Jerry's malt ice creams). Then he slowly cooks the slices sous vide in a hot-water bath so that every inch of the brioche absorbs the custard. Just before serving, he caramelizes the French toast in a hot pan, then serves it with marinated fruit (quince in the winter), sweet citrus-flavored whipped cream and a sprinkling of pink peppercorns."

Other dishes that Food & Wine selected include pasta with lamb ragu (Coppa, Boston), pork riellette hand pies (Olympic Provisions, Portland, Ore.), vegan charcuterie (Gather, Berkeley, Calif.) and scallop sashimi with meyer lemon confit (Forage, Salt Lake City).
· 10 Best Restaurant Dishes of 2010 [Food & Wine]


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