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Babs is Latest Celeb to Dine at Alinea

Even long before it was named the No. 1 restaurant in North America, Alinea has long been a draw for the wealthy and famous. But lately it seems like more and more A-listers are dropping in on Grant Achatz and his team. The most recent? None other than Babs herself.

Barbra Streisand dined at the molecular gastronomic mecca Wednesday night and Achatz tells Eater she could not have been a better guest. "She was awesome," he said. "Super into the food, very appreciative and very polite." Alinea is seeing more and more celebrities coming in for dinner when they're in Chicago. Streisand was apparently here to film Oprah and word is that the Big O was supposed to join her for dinner, but didn't show.

"We are getting more and more celebs," Achatz said. "And you often expect them to be coming [to Alinea] not really knowing what to expect and going because it is the place 'to go.'" But it seems that they actually do know what they're in for because he said that the "famous ones have been super into" the food. So who's stopped by lately? Patrick Stewart, Tyra Banks, Justin Timberlake, Danica Patrick and Dennis Miller, just to name a few. The kicker? They all apparently check their attitude at the door and geek out on the food. Who wouldn't? It's Alinea, after all.


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