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Simple Sandwich Truck Wraps Up Season, Looking to Open Standalone Storefront, Catering

Last night we noticed that the Simple Sandwich truck tweeted that today would be its last day on the road for the season. With the gorgeous weather Chicago's been having we thought it seemed a little premature, so we had a feeling something else was going on.

"Simple will be shifting its focus to catering, rebuilding a truck to comply with any changes in the mobile food code and looking for a storefront to not only service our customers, but to service our mobile business," said owner David Wojtonik. And after a 40-day season where Simple sold more than 4,000 sandwiches from their truck, it looks like they could use an overhaul to deal with the demand.

Wojtonik, who parked the truck at 600 W. Chicago Avenue today and sold out of all its sandwiches around noon, said they have developed a loyal following that craves their natural and organic sandwiches, especially the chicken chorizo, bonita tuna, chickpea and roast beef with truffle mayo—not to mention the cult following for their cookies.

While they're closed for the season, Wojtonik said they're awaiting word on what the city decides in regard to the laws toward food trucks in January. Depending on that decision, he wants to make adjustments to the truck, including adding soup kettles and a panini press for hot sandwiches.

In the meantime, he's looking for to open a storefront space in the general Downtown area, but will also consider other high-traffic, lunch-driven spots. As for an opening date, that's all dependent on when, and if, they find the right location. "If we don't find something we like in our price range, we'll just come out next spring with the truck," he said. And don't worry, regardless if they open a Simple Sandwich brick-and-mortar spot, the truck will be back out on the streets post winter.