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New Beers On Tap at Half Acre

According to the local brewmeisters at Half Acre Beer Company, Mother Nature has spoken—and she wants beer. Owner and brewer Gabriel Magliaro blogged last week that "the temperature dive is Mother Nature's way of saying, go ahead, fellas, brew some big beers," and so he's responded in kind with today's release of Thunder and Son brown ale.

Fresh out of the cauldron just ahead of next week's impending frost, it's a fortifying froth to keep on hand in your fridge, though this one might be better stored alongside your long johns, Gore-Tex, and other winter gear. The high-octane beer clocks in at over 12% alcohol, which made us ask ourselves: Who was the son of Thunder, anyway? You can snag bottles and growler jugs of it starting today at the brewery or wait for it to filter out into the city's beer bars over the next few weeks. They've also got a strong British-style porter called the S.S. Simon Short in the hopper for next Friday. And, really, what else could any mother ask for?

Half Acre Beer Company

4257 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL