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Dolinsky Dishes On His Top 5 Best Sushi Spots in Chicago

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Sushi is one of those things that you can't argue with someone when they tell you about a favorite joint. Some people go for the all-you-can-eat sushi spots and swear they're amazing. Other people dig on bellying up to a sushi bar and geeking out with the chef. While others just appreciate super fresh fish.

This week Steve Dolinsky offers up what he thinks rank as the top five best sushi spots in the city. We've shared fish with Dolinsky and know he's a purist. He hates when fish gets mucked up with unnecessary ingredients and prefers to be able to taste the fish. So it's no huge surprise that Katsu on Peterson lands in his No. 1 spot for the best sushi in Chicago.

Second place goes to Wicker Park's Mirai, long a favorite of sushi lovers in town. Next comes newcomer Arami, which seems to really be topping everyone's list of some of the best sushi around. The other two spots get claimed by the classic Sai Cafe and then Japonais. This last one definitely has amazingly fresh fish, but the scene and vibe knock it down a few notches in our book.

What about Sushi Wabi? This dark, hip often-too-cool-for-school joint consistently has some of the freshest fish around. And we're also pretty partial to Wakamono in Lakeview (and it's attached to one of the best bars in Boystown: Wang's).

What's your favorite sushi spot? What do you think needs to be represented? Let us know in the comments.

Wakamono sushi [Photo: Chitown Foodies]