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Chicago 2011 Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand List Revealed

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In anticipation of the announcement of the more-anticipated starred restaurants on Nov. 17, the Michelin Guide today released its list of lesser-expensive, more approachable restaurants that make up Chicago's 2011 Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand list. Michelin selected 46 applicable spots where, defined as "inspectors’ favorites for good value," patrons can get two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for $40 or less (exclusive of tax and tip).

The list comprises favorite places throughout Chicago and includes 20 different types of cuisine. Last night, Michelin street teams scoured the city to stencil the image of the Michelin Man (a.k.a. Bibendum) in front of each restaurant designated as a Bib Gourmand (we wouldn't be surprised if some eager foodies ran around the city all night trying to figure out what's what).

Inspectors picked 46 spots and we're thrilled to see places like Mixteco Grill, Lula Cafe, m. henry, Browntrout and West Town Tavern selected, but other spots left us scratching our heads a bit. Ann Sather? Yes, we love their gooey cinnamon buns, but should it be on this list over other brunch spots like Jam or Tweet? Frances' Deli was selected and we can't tell you anyone we know who's ever been.

Where's Big Star? Hot Doug's? Kuma's Corner? Sun Wah BBQ? Demera Ethiopian? Irazu? This leaves a lot of places open to potentially get stars from Michelin next week. But instead of speculating on what we don't know, why don't we tell you what we do?

Chicago 2011 Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand Restaurants:

Ann Sather
Belly Shack
Bistro 110
Bristol (The)
Ceres’ Table
De Cero
Frances’ Deli
Frontera Grill
Gilt Bar
Girl & The Goat
Green Zebra
Han 202
Kith & Kin
La Creperie
La Petite Folie
Los Nopales
Lula Café
M. Henry
Mixteco Grill
Opart Thai House
Paramount Room
Publican (The)
Purple Pig (The)
Raj Darbar
Riccardo Trattoria
Smoque BBQ
Spacca Napoli
Taste of Peru
Thai Village
Twin Anchors
Urban Belly
West Town Tavern